Writing as a Design Skill.


John Zeratsky, partner at Google Ventures, shared his “5 Principles for Great Interface Copywriting” and I thought it was invaluable and touches on an element of design that is severely overlooked: writing.

This couldn’t have come out at a more crucial time for us, as we’re re-doing the copy for Bespoke’s iPad and iPhone apps, from buttons, to pop-ups, to FAQs, and more. So far, I learned that it’s a very tedious task and I truly applaud the developers / copywriters / UX designers / content strategists, etc. who make the apps we use on a daily basis appear to be seamless and intuitive without having to use much thought at all.

It’s still an on-going process for us, one that I don’t really consider to have an ‘end’ but more of a continuous improvement, but putting it down on paper, without a doubt, helps a lot.

Copy is one of the most important pillars in the overall user experience of any design, and John provided a great argument, and a very helpful list. Below are his points, and the takeaways from each one:

1. Clarity is king.

2. Personality doesn’t matter as much as you think.

3. Just tell me.

4. By the way, people do read.

5. Writing is part of the design process.

With that said, I’m looking forward to constant iteration and deriving changes from user feedback. As I said, it’s a continuous process for us, and while it’s usually considered as the “boring” stuff, I consider anything that improves the user experience to be really exciting. Because what’s “cool” to me is not just building stuff—it’s making sure people use it!

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